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'Swim Meet'  Underwater Referee !  Pt 1. 'Swim Meet' Underwater Referee ! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Posted 30th July 2012. 36 High Resolution Images.

OK so, as many of you may know, there's this little sporting event taking place over in little ol' London at the moment and so, we thought we would take a little license and have some fun. Now, just imagine that, during the swimming competitions, there was an underwater referee in the pool, checking out things like tumble turns etc - wouldn't it be wonderful if they looked anything like Mermaid Fi in this picture set ? Fully kitted out in a skin tight ladies racing suit from Diana and wearing Scuba also, of course, we're thinking that this one may well appeal to a wide cross section of our members ? Well, if nothing else, it's certainly different ? ;-) And, talking of being different, see if you feel, as we do, that we certainly seem to have captured a different but still extremely beautiful 'look' to this Scubaliscious young Aquawoman, on this occasion ?
Too many super pictures to waste once more and so there's another 36 similar, gorgeous images to follow soon.

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