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Mermaid Hayley Swims Retro ! Mermaid Hayley Swims Retro !Image Gallery

Posted 18th July 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

OK bc this one's for you and for the many other members we have who just love seeing our stunning young Aquawomen swimming and diving under the water wearing vintage swimwear from the 1950's, especially those funky, strappy rubber swim caps / bathing caps. ( hope you're still enjoying things too Rich ? ) This time up we see our vivacious, irrepressible Mermaid Hayley having such fun underwater, wearing one of our Esther Williams original classic sheath swimsuits in white, along with a cute classic US Royal white, chin strapped bathing cap. Once again we have the situation where this beautiful girl offered us so many super image options that we have split the Gallery into two parts to enable us to bring the majority of them to you. Pt 2 to follow.

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