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Now that's a Scuba Babe - Video ! Now that's a Scuba Babe - Video !Video

Posted 12th July 2012.

You certainly seemed to like the Stills Gallery and many of you have begged for a video and so we thought it would be unfair to keep you waiting any longer. Quite some swimsuit huh ? Quite some Mermaid too ?? (Let's see them try and copy this one ;-) Guys and Gals we proudly bring you almost NINE minutes of pure Scubaliscious Heaven that I'm thinking even our good friend Ttime might like ;-) ! Take your front row seats subby, diver-mike, Diver and bronchial5. Hold onto your FIbrilator bc. Sit back and enjoy Deano, twin-hose, murmaider, Dacor and of course all of our many other wonderful members who love to see beautiful girls underwater, in scuba. Oh and whilst you're enjoying, just spare a thought for anyone whose membership may have expired earlier today !
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