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It's the Fourth of July !! It's the Fourth of July !!Image Gallery

Posted 4th July 2012. 36 High Resolution Images.

Happy Fourth of July !!!
And just to show there's no hard feelings, we took one of England's finest young roses, decked her out in one of our super little 'Speedo USA' beach dresses and then we ......... threw her into the water ! ( Now then, we'll have no mention of 'chests' by anyone here now, do you understand ? - Tea or otherwise ! ;-)
It's our exquisite, radiant Mermaid Hayley leading the celebrations for y'all this year - underwater, of course. And Boy, does she look sensational ! But don't just take my word for it, dive on in and take a look for yourself ! It's not only Macy's that give you Fireworks today ! And our water is a whole lot clearer than the Hudson ;-)
Happy Holidays !

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