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Posted 1st July 2012. 40 High Resolution Images.

So sorry for the delay guys, but I'm really hoping y'all might feel it worth the wait ? Who likes black one piece swimsuits ? Who couldn't, if worn by Mermaid Elise ? - In fact this swimsuit's rather clever as you can reverse it and it becomes a fantastic red one piece, complete with different Speedo logo ! When post producing these images again for you we tried to think of a suitable single word to sum up this amazing young Aquawoman's underwater ability on show once more in these beautiful pictures. The word 'seductive' came to mind, so we looked it up .... ' sexy, alluring, tempting, irresistible, exciting, provocative, sultry, slinky; coquettish, flirtatious; informal vampish, come-hither' were the other words matched with it in the dictionary and we felt these were certainly all well and truly apt ? What say you ? Our final dilemma was that we couldn't make up our mind which of three underwater kisses to bring you - and so we thought ...... why not bring you all three ! Freediving Heaven - in pictures. Have fun !

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