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Mermaid Fi in Underwater Bondage, once again ! Mermaid Fi in Underwater Bondage, once again !Image Gallery

Posted 23rd June 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

With the Isle of Wight Rock Fi-estival boogieing away in England this weekend, (The 'Boss' himself is there tomorrow !!!!) and knowing how much this fantastic young Aquawoman loves to 'boogie on down' - we thought it appropriate bring you a little 'Fi-estival' of our own this Saturday night ! Yesterday you were able to watch her, on video, as she wore her vintage scuba gear, today something a little special and not only that, something that she LOVES to do for you ........... so, once more, please enjoy our spectacular Mermaid Fi 'in bondage' underwater ! Long black latex rubber gloves, a very sexy PVC corset and her hands tied and fastened to her neck - anyone out there already have a 'Hungry Heart' ? ;-)

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