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Eager Beaver  (tail) - Video ! Eager Beaver (tail) - Video !Video

Posted 22nd June 2012.

We've done it before, I know but, y'all seem to like it lots and so - we're doing it again !
It's our Scubaliscious Mermaid Fi wearing her original 70's ladies vintage, smooth skin, beavertail wet suit jacket, vintage reg and oval mask. And with all of that wonderful hair tied back in a ponytail ! We're so sorry about the annoying 'squeak' as she breathes, we think it's probably because the compressed air cylinders of today are normally pumped to a higher pressure than those back then and so, consequently the older regs sometimes have a problem ? We will try and sort that out for you when we use this one again in future otherwise, we hope you can still enjoy ?
(Perhaps you should sit down before you view this one Subby ? )
305 MB - Real HD_720p

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