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Dr Holly (or rather Hayley) Goodhead !  Pt 1 Dr Holly (or rather Hayley) Goodhead ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 15th June 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

Put together a top UK 'Page 3' Girl and your ideal aquatic thoughts of a just what a 'Bond Girl' should look like and ............. what do you get ? - Mermaid Hayley, of course ! One of the wonderful things about shooting underwater for is the opportunity to work with some of the best, most natural and beautiful Models around. Once again, we have so many lovely pictures, we have to split this into two parts. In her fantastic Technisub FFM, this has to be a special treat for all Full Face Mask fans too ! The ease with which this alluring, 'Sensual Siren' has adapted herself, so quickly, to posing underwater for y'all is nothing short of amazing and testament to how really special she is. But, don't just take our world for it - why not dive in and take a look for yourself !

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