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WE'RE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!  WE'RE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!! Video

Posted 8th June 2012.

What a Nightmare !
Have you missed us ?
Do you like the new wallpaper ;-) ?
First of all a "GREAT BIG THANK YOU" to all of our wonderful, loyal Members - you who trusted us to be back and please believe me, we have made it just as quickly as we could ! In actual fact, I think we must be the last person in the world for our new site to reach as it propagated around the world - I only got access to our new admin control panel a few minutes ago ! More from me soon but most important - Please Don't Worry - all of our active members who believed in us and stuck with us, will soon all get their Memberships automatically extended for 12 days, by Verotel, to make up for the time we have sadly been away !
Now, I'm told that we may have a few early 'teething problems', if we do we will do our best to sort them right away. And 'Joining Us' might be a problem initially too, but anything like this will be sorted very quickly !
Ooops, I nearly forgot, let's activate a super new video for y'all, one that has been patiently waiting all this time ! (Fortunately the 'low lifes' didn't get this one `!) It's our incredible Mermaid Elise, proving that your is firmly back in town !
415 MB - Real HD_720p

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