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On Fire - Underwater !  Pt 1. On Fire - Underwater ! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Posted 16th May 2012. 36 High Resolution Images.

OK you non-diving gear fans, this one has to be worth the wait ? ;-)
Although still in neoprene - what wonderful neoprene it is - but Hey, come to think of it, what a truly WONDERFUL Mermaid Fi is !!!! Being the first to bring them to you, we've had our Cressi Fire swimsuits so long we thought y'all might be tired of seeing them by now but, it seems not ! I have to admit, it is certainly one of my ultimate fave swimsuits too and ..... on Mermaid Fi - Oh My, just see for yourself ! (as long as you're a Member, of course) There's too many good pictures to waste again guys and so this is just Pt 1 for you, with another 30+ to follow !

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