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Frogwoman in the Shower ! Frogwoman in the Shower !Image Gallery

Posted 14th May 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

How do you possibly make an Avon ex Military vintage black rubber Drysuit and Hood look sexy ?
Simple, just make sure that it has ace Frogwoman Mermaid Elise snugly encapsulated inside of it ! ;-)
This one is especially for all of you diving 'rubber-dubbers', in particular those who often ask us for pictures of our sensational Aquawomen 'in gear', but taken on the surface. And so, better than that, we thought we could do exactly as asked, but have her underwater as well ? So, showing good practice by thoroughly rinsing off her diving suit in clean fresh water, this Divine young Diver was happy to let our cameras, meaning of course you also, watch her as she did so !

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