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Soviet Synchro Training Pt 2 ! Soviet Synchro Training Pt 2 !Image Gallery

Posted 9th May 2012. 38 High Resolution Images.

Privet y'all !
Oh Dear, stand by your defibrillators !
Here we go again with Pt 2 of our 'Soviet Synchro Training' regime - purely fictional, of course ! This time our delightful trainee, who just happens to be non other than 'Aqua-Perfection in Motion' - Mermaid Fi, is 'encouraged' to learn how to hold her breath for long periods of time by somewhat basic, yet effective, training methods ! THIRTY EIGHT wonderful, new and unique underwater pictures in a style that no-one else captures ! These may appeal to 70's one piece swimsuit lovers, swimcap lovers, noseclip lovers, dunkin'lovers, breath holding lovers, bubble lovers and most of all, of course, our truly sensational Mermaid Fi lovers !

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