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Underwater 'Solar' Eclipse !  Pt. 2 Underwater 'Solar' Eclipse ! Pt. 2Image Gallery

Posted 5th May 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

OK, so next up we have a Scuba set that may also well appeal to a much wider audience of non-scuba fans ? You know what, I'm thinking even tTtime might like it ? A little ? ;-) It's Part 2 of a super set of pictures, taken of one of our most Scubaliscious young Aquawomen and showing us all once more, just how 'at home' she is under the water without the permanent need of a face mask, or even a regulator ? It has to be our Electrifying Mermaid Elise right, wearing her super little shortie Sola wetsuit and showing us her natural beauty underwater by completely removing her vintage oval mask and taking only the occasional breath from her regulator ?

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