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"Petticoat Pirates" - Pt 2 !Image Gallery

Posted 29th April 2012. 30 High Resolution Images.

Here's a little trivia for you - The original Movie 'Petticoat Pirates' was released in 1961 and would you believe that in the credits, two young beauties of the day, Aletta Morrison and Jacqueline Jones were listed as 'Frog Girls' ! Now, here we are, Fifty Years later and shooting our own beautiful 'Frog Girl' of the day - Mermaid Julie, in color and underwater, in tribute to the girls in this classic old comedy movie that so many of you still remember. Yes, she has a couple of 'ladders' in her panty-hose but, when you're climbing up chains capturing warships in the dark, a girl would get them wouldn't she ?

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