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Mermaid Elise in a Super New Wetsuit ! Mermaid Elise in a Super New Wetsuit !Image Gallery

Posted 22nd April 2012. 31 High Resolution Images.

Another new addition to our 'wardrobe' adorns our Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise as she puts on a fantastic underwater show for all of those many members who love seeing our Aquawomen wearing modern wetsuits. A really eye catching one piece, in bright yellow and black, that fits those 'oh so wonderful' curves like a glove. A super Reefwear wide vision mask and all of that wild loose blonde and purple hair combine to make this a Scuba Aquaphiles weekend to remember ! Once again there were so many pictures that we thought you would like to see, there will be a Pt 2 to follow sometime soon !

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