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Soviet Synchro Training  Pt 1 ! Soviet Synchro Training Pt 1 !Image Gallery

Posted 18th April 2012. 31 High Resolution Images.

Do you love synchro swimmers ? Perhaps you love vintage one piece swimsuits ? Maybe very rare national swimcaps (a souvenir from my previous life) ? And how could you not love our Sensual, Sensational, Syncopating Mermaid Fi ??
If you love any of these then methinks you're in for a treat AND if you like them all, then perhaps a heart attack !
Once again, due to the pure talent of our stunning Aquawoman, we had an abundance of pictures to show you and so, rather than being ruthless with the selection, we have sorted them into three super Galleries. One of them, yet to come, shows a pretty ruthless training regime used to improve the Soviet Union's synchro girls breath holding ability ! (with a smile and apologies to our valued Russian Federation members, of course ;-)

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