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Super FI - t .........  Or What ? Super FI - t ......... Or What ?Image Gallery

Posted 5th April 2012. 50 High Resolution Images.

Back now, as promised, with a Bumper sized collection of FIFTY superb, new and unique underwater images of 'Pure Sub-Aquatic Elegance' for you to peruse ! And what an amazing Gallery it is ! I'm not quite sure if the title is lost a little in translation wherever you are but, in the UK, 'Super Fit' is current slang for - shall we say - 'outstandingly attractive' and so, please take a look at our perpetually Amazing young Aquawoman - Mermaid Fi, as she submerges back under the water for you, wearing a slinky black PVC corset, a thong and long, long, black latex gloves - and see if you agree ?

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