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Pretty in Pink !  Pt 1. Pretty in Pink ! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Posted 14th March 2012. 33 High Resolution Images.

Hold on to your mobile Scubasmurf, as tonight your dreams hopefully come true ! Giving another meaning altogether to the term 'Skin Diving', we proudly bring you a beautiful Gallery featuring our divine newest Mermaid Hayley, trying out scuba for the very first time ! As one would expect from such an amazing Aquawoman, she took to it so naturally and was completely 'at home' under the water right away. So much so, that we had such an abundance of wonderful pictures to choose from that, once more, we selected every other one, on this occasion, enabling an equally impressive Pt 2 to follow. With a new Scubapro tank, a new Dacor regulator and new mask, Scubafans please enjoy ! After all, putting such a fantastic UK Page 3 girl underwater, for your pleasure - it can only be

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