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Cressi Underwater Photo-Shoot ! Cressi Underwater Photo-Shoot !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd March 2012. 35 High Resolution Images.

So, what would y'all like us to put up for you tonight ?
A Scuba set ? A Glamor set ? Hey, I know - how about Both ? ;-)
Often, a beautiful girl who spends much of her professional time in front of the cameras, loves to experiment behind them also. And so, tonight, good friends Emma and Hayley bring you a little scenario from a fun underwater glamor shoot where our 'drop dead gorgeous' Mermaid Hayley models beneath the surface for our Scubaliscious camera-girl Mermaid Emma. In this set, Hayley is wearing a new Cressi one piece neoprene swimsuit, whilst Emma looks so cute in another new Cressi short sleeved wetsuit jacket and hood. OK, so one of our back-up camera rigs is missing its pair of powerful strobes but, we needed those to take these pictures for you ! ;-)
Hope this one may appeal to those of you in both camps ?

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