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Sexy - in a Kirby Morgan ! Sexy - in a Kirby Morgan !Image Gallery

Posted 29th February 2012. 48 High Resolution Images.

How on earth do you make a Commercial Diving Helmet look sexy ?
Easy, just come to of course ! Well, OK you have to have a very special Aquawoman to wear it and, being totally honest, we have to give original credit to US Divers Co of Santa Ana, as we have a really large old promotional poster of theirs hanging in our office, that dates back to the mid 70's (I'm told), on a theme very similar to that which we are portraying for you today ! But also, what's so very different about our Electrifying Mermaid Elise is that she actually wears her vintage Kirby Morgan KMB10 Bandmask UNDERWATER !!! Believe me, this girl could hold her own against many male Commercial Divers - (should they ever be so lucky ! ;-)
48, yep Forty Eight fantastic new and unique underwater pictures that only this website could bring you ! Divers Enjoy !

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