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Mermaid Emma - In Deep ! Mermaid Emma - In Deep !Image Gallery

Posted 22nd February 2012. 34 High Resolution Images.

Here's a very pretty set of Scuba pictures for y'all, featuring a Very Pretty young Aquawoman. It's a theme we've covered a few times before but, it's also one we know many of you love and our little renditions do always seem to go down well. Sadly, the classic movie that features the iconic original version along with, of course, the beautiful Miss Jacqueline Bisset, rang no bells at all with our new star because, believe it or not, the movie was first released 7 years before she was born ! However, proving once more that this particular diving attire is timeless, please enjoy our Exquisite Mermaid Emma, wearing a super new Reefwear 'frameless' Hi-Vis mask whilst bringing you her little tribute to......... yep, you've guessed it - 'The Deep' !

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