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Posted 18th February 2012. 36 High Resolution Images.

It's always such a pleasure when we proudly introduce a beautiful new Aquawoman to y'all. And tonight - Boy do we have a BEAUTIFUL new Aquawoman to introduce to you ! Guys and Gals may we ask y'all to bid a warm welcome please to our simply stunning new Mermaid Hayley ! Naturally a little nervous at first, Hayley was soon 'WOWing' our crew with the natural ease and ability she showed in quickly adapting to 'posing for' and 'playing to' the cameras in her new underwater world. First up, she chose to wear her own very sexy Budweiser swimsuit which should go down very well with many of you, we're sure. Bewitching long blonde hair, an enchanting smile and already great friends with Mermaids Emma, Elise and FiFi, this alluring new Siren cannot fail to win many new admirers here, we're sure. ( Members only, of course ;-)
It also seemed a fitting time to try out some larger size pictures for you too. We fully realize that something like this is all a matter of preference and so please let us know if you prefer them this size, or how they were previously ?

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