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Siren Olivia ! Siren Olivia !Image Gallery

Posted 4th February 2012. 30 High Resolution Images.

We love that all of our Mermaids enjoy all of the aspects of our underwater shoots, they think it's great fun to travel back in time wearing our vast selection of vintage swimwear, they love trying out all of the unequaled selection of different scuba and diving gear we have and they delight in hamming it up for you 'in peril' scenarios underwater. However, without exception, if you were to ask any of them what they really love about being an Aquawoman they will tell you that it's about having the opportunity to be ........ a "Mermaid"! And so, when asked, we always try to shoot a 'Siren' Gallery just for them. Tonight we bring you a simple exercise in underwater beauty for - 'Siren Olivia'.

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