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Posted 29th January 2012. 42 High Resolution Images.

Well, here goes, some will love me - some will hate me but, I'm kinda getting used to that nowadays ! We actually received a few requests to do a set like this some time ago and so, it's taken us a while but, I hope many of you like it ?
With so much underwater doom and gloom around we thought no-one would really mind if we lightened things up a little and had some fun ? And so, showing inFInite FItness and the object of many an aquaphiiles FIxation our FInominal Mermaid Fi certainly had some fun and spent the whole time laughing (and blowing bubbles) as she tried to master riding our own pet dolphin. A little vintage pool fun for y'all, with FORTY TWO new and unique images showing a beautiful young Aquawoman, 1950's style and at play on the surface, just before she dives under the water for some 'slightly more serious' posing for y'all, (to be seen a little later). Bathing cap fans - have fun !
(Make that FIve Mike - What a great time to rejoin Tommy ? ;-)

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