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!960's Snorkeling Fun ! !960's Snorkeling Fun !Image Gallery

Posted 25th January 2012. 36 High Resolution Images.

Many of you love to see our Mermaids snorkeling, we know. And many of you love those old snorkel masks that we have in our amazing and ever increasing collection of dive and snorkel gear. And so tonight, we bring you a beautiful selection of underwater pictures showing a beautiful young Aquawoman - Mermaid Olivia, wearing an old snorkel mask we don't feature that often, mainly because it really is not that easy to use. But, that didn't stop Olivia, who also chose to wear a super little 60's esque bikini of her own, which really suits the theme so well. Surely, even some of those wildly opposed to any face gear can find something to enjoy here ? ;-)

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