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Mermaid Fi Dives In a Cressi FFM ! Mermaid Fi Dives In a Cressi FFM !Image Gallery

Posted 21st January 2012. 35 High Resolution Images.

Don't worry Scuba Friends we will never leave you unattended for long, just trying our best to keep everyone happy - which ain't easy, but we keep on trying !
Tonight is one for the Full Face Mask fans (that includes you Tom !) and it's an FFM dear to many of you, namely the original vintage Cressi, in rubber of course, not the newer copied synthetic version. The scubaliscious Aquawoman posing for you is our Fi-nominal Mermaid Fi, who chose to wear a super sleeveless Aquasphere smooth neoprene wet suit, to complete her underwater outfit, whilst coupling her FFM with a new bright yellow US Divers Octopus 2nd Stage reg. No hood and no cap for this set (which will please some and not others ;-) Just Fi's beautiful, long, loose, flowing, flame red hair - complimenting her bright pink finger nails ! When it comes to Scuba, we're the ones with all of the gear and watch out, as we have lots more new already on the way !

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