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Elise and the Pool Ladder ! Elise and the Pool Ladder !Image Gallery

Posted 18th January 2012. 44 High Resolution Images.

It's Our 5th Birthday !!!! If you missed it, please go to the front door
And this year, the honor goes to our Electrifying Mermaid Elise to thrill you underwater in her own very special way ! I really cannot believe it was FIVE years ago when I and all of the Crew sat here until midnight waiting to launch to the world ! Mermaid Elise was featured in the very first gallery we uploaded and so, it is only fitting that she should showcase for you once again tonight. And what a sensational Gallery we bring you, especially for those who love the 'thrill' element of her work. I will say no more other than to stress, once more, that no actual harm whatsoever came to this exquisite young Aquawoman !

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