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Vintage Scuba in a Black Rubber S2000 ! Vintage Scuba in a Black Rubber S2000 !Image Gallery

Posted 7th January 2012. 40 High Resolution Images.

Never fear scuba fans, it's your turn today - and what a wonderful combination of gear we have on show for you, worn by a simply stunning young girl who is certainly best described as just a 'Pure Aquawoman' ! Mostly the scuba gear is very vintage, whilst the swimwear mixes the 1940's along with the 21st Century. The beautiful female diver is of course our breathtaking Mermaid Elise and for your pleasure, she is wearing a very sexy black rubber S2000 style swimsuit, high necked and high cut of course, along with a US Howland Bathing Cap dating way back to the 1940's. The dive gear, features a vintage La Spirotechnique 'Mistral' twin hose regulator, a modern sexy little knife (for her protection) and a cute little Voit oval dive mask. There will be a Pt. 2 without the Bathing Cap and for those who love it, a Pt. 3 above water and - in the shower !
Enjoy !

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