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Red Jantzen Diving Girl ! Red Jantzen Diving Girl !Image Gallery

Posted 17th December 2011. 52 High Resolution Images.

Tonight we pay tribute to an Iconic Swimwear Logo over many, many years. Yes, it's the Jantzen Diving Girl ! Since the 1930's she has been gracing the Swimsuits and Bathing Caps of this wonderful Brand. And so, tonight, who better than our own Pure Aquawoman - Mermaid Elise to bring this world famous logo alive for you, in a Massive 52 image Gallery ! Suitably dressed in a wonderful classic style 1940's red, Jantzen one piece swimsuit, along with an original red, chin strapped Jantzen Bathing Cap from the early 50's, this stunning young girl does her best to bring you a flavor of the golden era of swimwear, offering pure delight to all of our one piece / vintage bathing cap fans.
Enjoy !

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