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Posted 2nd November 2011. 42 High Resolution Images.

Can't help but thinking many of you are just about to 'fall in love' all over again ?
Guys and Gals, please bid a fond welcome to our simply beautiful and oh so elegant newest Mermaid - Olivia !!!!!!!! (and what a fantastic 'fun' set for her to open up with)
We know many of you love our interpretations of aquatic scenes that so many of you remember from old movies, indeed much of what we do is by request. Well, tonight, here is one from ourselves that we have put a slightly different spin on, being that we were working with just one gorgeous new young Aquawoman and not several. Who remembers "History of the World Pt 1" ? Those that do already know what they are about to see, I'm sure ? For any others please check out
"We've flattened their fingers, we've branded their Buns - Nothing is working ? - Send in the Nuns !"
Olivia was such a pleasure to work with and says she really had a lot of fun, she even offered to dive and pick up her 'Habit' at the end and so we thought you might like to see that too ;-)
If you feel like offering her some encouragement through the Comments section - I know she will be so keen to read them.
(but, of course, you have to be a member to do so ;-)

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