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Happy Halloween - 'The Bride in the Lake' ! Happy Halloween - 'The Bride in the Lake' !Image Gallery

Posted 30th October 2011. 38 High Resolution Images.

"Happy Halloween y'all !"
No 'Tricks' but plenty of 'Treats' in store for all of our Members. (And posted in plenty of time for those celebrating 'All Hallows Eve' in the eastern southern hemisphere too.)
Legend has it that, over two hundred years ago, the daughter of the wealthy family of Armboth Manor in Cumbria, England, was wickedly drowned by her fiance, on the eve of her wedding - on October 31st ! Even today, on this anniversary, despite the old Manor house itself being 'drowned' at the bottom of a large reservoir in 1894, it is said that distant wedding bells can still be heard from underneath the deep dark water. And the beautiful young bride goes through her endless ordeal once more - ever hopeful of finding a lover to join her, perhaps ?
The "Bride", in our interpretation ? Who else but our simply amazing Mermaid Elise, of course ! Can she tempt you into the deep cold water with her ?

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