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Sammie in Vintage Dive gear - All At Sea ! Sammie in Vintage Dive gear - All At Sea !Image Gallery

Posted 15th October 2011. 36 High Resolution Images.

I was gonna title this one 'The Boat That Rocked' 'cos Boy, did it Rock ! But, determined to see it through, on a windy and mainly cloudy day, we did our best to bring you something a little different. I've lost count of the number of times we have been asked to do more surface shoots showing our gorgeous Mermaids dressing for swimming or diving. As a quality underwater website we felt unhappy trying to do this, unless we felt we could do it well and so, until now, we put it on the 'back burner'. But tonight, we bring you an offering, to see what you think, of something that is certainly very different for Aquawomen. The simply beautiful and effervescent Mermaid Sammie, dressing into her genuine 1960's vintage Collins and Chambers black neoprene ladies beavertail wetsuit, when it was all she and the crew could do to even stand up ! We have shot more, including her putting on and wearing her scuba gear and also some Hydroglove dry suit sequences too - along with some video. And so, over to you, is this something that you like us doing, now and then ?

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