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Posted 28th September 2011. 30 High Resolution Images.

At last ! After many requests, visits 'Petticoat Pirates' for you ! And it's our gorgeous, newest Mermaid Julie who brings this so elegantly to life for you tonight. Yet another vintage movie, dear to the heart of many an Aquaphile, it was originally released fifty years ago, would you believe ? The classic scene features several beautiful frogwomen, clad in black leotards, black tights, black bathing caps, oval masks and twin hose regs, as they swim to, board and take control of a Navy warship, to prove that they are equal to men ! How ridiculous - everyone realizes these days that we're far superior, of course ! We changed the leotard for a vintage, smooth, black, neoprene, ladies beavertail jacket and have to apologize that our two vintage black scuba tanks both finally failed inspection and so, please forgive a yellow one on this occasion. Many of you asked for more above water shots, tonight you have them. Yes, there will be a Pt 2 all shot underwater and YES we did shoot a video too !
We do hope you enjoy ?

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