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Snorkeling With Mermaid Fi ! Snorkeling With Mermaid Fi !Image Gallery

Posted 17th September 2011. 48 High Resolution Images.

OK, so we didn't feature Snorkeling as much as some of you would have preferred recently and so let's try and address that a little for you right now ! And to help we have made it a GIANT FORTY EIGHT picture Gallery for y'all ! You may not have seen this type of mask and snorkel before, I bought it for myself to take on vacation ? But, we do always try to bring you something new and different whenever we can and so, who else better to model it for you today than our Sensational and Simply Fi-nominal Mermaid Fi ! What's more, just wait 'til you see her own new swimsuit that she brought along to the shoot, hoping to wear !!
Have Fun !

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