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Dr. Yes - Your Own 'Honey Ryder' ! Dr. Yes - Your Own 'Honey Ryder' !Image Gallery

Posted 19th July 2011. 33 High Resolution Images.

Now, I ask you, who in their right mind would imagine Aquawomen without Mermaid Fi ? No-one ? Precisely, now moving swiftly on .........
Tonight, we have something a little different and a whole lot special for you. Making a welcome, if not slightly fragile return to the Aquawomen pool we are so proud to bring you our adorable, Fi -nominal Mermaid Fi once again, in a role that really seems to suit her ? Remember that wonderful iconic image from Dr No, with Ursula Andress ? Yes, that's it, you know the one !! Well, we kinda took a little play on that, developed it a bit in true Aquawomen style and then - shot it in a quality that others only dream of, underwater of course . And there you have it ! As for the title, well would you be able to say "No" ?
You won't see this Aquawoman in a bath tub anywhere ! Unless it's here, of course ! ;-)

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