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Jessica in Underwater Bondage by Shay ! - Pt. 2 Jessica in Underwater Bondage by Shay ! - Pt. 2Image Gallery

Posted 5th July 2011. 36 High Resolution Images.

OK then, I didn't want to keep y'all waiting too long for Pt 2, especially after so many nice comments and votes for the first part - and so here it is ! There's something for everyone in a way, we have scuba, breath holding, underwater bondage, loose hair, pvc swimsuit and bikini, peril - all brought to you by two sizzling hot Aquawomen, namely Mermaids Jessica and Shay! Have fun - Oh and let me just assure you that no Aquawomen whatsoever were harmed during the creation of these pictures! ;-)
There's four at the end especially for you 'scubasmurf' and all our other dedicated scuba fans !

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