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An AquaWoman of Independent Means ! An AquaWoman of Independent Means !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd July 2011. 38 High Resolution Images.

You know, it has to be 15 years at least since I last wore this Swimsuit but, who better than our stunning Mermaid Elise to model it today in all it's former glory and underwater, of course, on the eve of this very special Anniversary for all of our American friends ? I wonder, do any of our other UK members see a slight resemblance to a famous former UK glamor model Jilly Johnson at all ?? A couple of you have pointed it out and so we Googled her and we have to agree. Anyways, thirty eight superb unique and original underwater pictures for y'all to savor and enjoy - and not a cracked bell in sight !
It's all over to Ttimes at tea time now though, I guess ? ;-) Happy Holiday !

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