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Sexy 'One Piece' Scuba ! Sexy 'One Piece' Scuba !Image Gallery

Posted 15th June 2011. 42 High Resolution Images.

Here's one for our Scuba fans, but we feel it might just appeal to our black, one piece bathing suit fans also ? So many of you LOVE that retro Dive Girl look ( that we are so good at ;-) ? And who better to bring it to you than one of our two most qualified Scuba Divers - our own gorgeous, 'jaw-dropping' Mermaid Jessica ! There's yet another wonderful, 'new' , black, Bombshell, one piece swimsuit on show, along with a vintage oval clear mask and a 1960's vintage single hose reg. Oh and this one should especially please those of you who love to see long hair, naturally flowing underwater too ! Does she manage to keep that gorgeous swimsuit on, all of the time ? Well, what do you think !!!
A nice big Gallery of 42 new and unique underwater pictures for y'all !

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