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Do You Like Scuba Girls ? Do You Like Scuba Girls ?Image Gallery

Posted 18th May 2011. 32 High Resolution Images.

OK, so this is a message to those who say that they don't really like Scuba images. Please take a look at tonight's update and tell me, honestly, that there is nothing there that you like ? C'mon admit it, you can't can you ? And for those of you who do love to see our gorgeous Aquawomen wearing scuba equipment, underwater - Boy, do we have an update for you tonight ! Our 'Oh So Desirable' Mermaid Elise, wearing a most amazing little PVC number, along with a vintage twin hose reg. and oval mask ! There were over ninety fantastic images that we felt good enough to share with you. Even after a close selection process there are still sixty four so please, let us know if you would like to see Part 2 ?

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