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The Legacy - 2 ! The Legacy - 2 !Video

Posted 5th May 2011.

After we first looked at this for you, around six months ago, we promised that we would revisit the theme and try our best to improve it. Well, we've certainly done the first of those promises and I'm sure that you will let us know if we have achieved the second also ? So please, why not sit back and enjoy our stunning Mermaid Elise starring in our second interpretation of the underwater scene from many an Aquaphile's favorite movie - The Legacy ! We've incorporated the wishes of some of you and gone a little more 'retro' this time, to give something of a different feel. This also automatically enhances it in another way by offering clear unobstructed views of the wonderful expressions on that beautiful underwater face ? But, enough from me - please let us know what you think ? As for us - we're actually quite pleased with it. :-)
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