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Latex Rubber Clad Aquawoman ! Latex Rubber Clad Aquawoman !Image Gallery

Posted 26th April 2011. 30 High Resolution Images.

Never wishing to attempt to take anything away from the original, fantastic, underwater latex Goddess - Rubaquagirl, we proudly continue to offer our contributions in a similar and 'Oh So Delightful' style for all of our rubber clad Frogwomen fans ! Yes, it's our own Fi-nominal Mermaid Fi, once again donning her skin tight, black latex suit and scuba gear to become our own 'FrogAquawoman' for y'all, once more. Thirty more original, new and unique underwater images - what more could I possibly add other than - "Enjoy" !
( Please be well Janie, would love to hear from you ? )

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