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S'am Dunk ! -  ( and Mermaid Fi too ! ) S'am Dunk ! - ( and Mermaid Fi too ! )Image Gallery

Posted 12th April 2011. 40 High Resolution Images.

We know that many of you always seem to like our Vintage Swimgirls dunking sets and so we thought it about time that we brought you another ? Not only that but several of you have requested us to also and so we and the girls are only too pleased to deliver. The original rubber bathing caps date way back to the 1930's for this one and the swimsuits perhaps just a few years later. The Aquawomen are far from vintage though as you will see when Mermaids Fi and Sammie dunk each other repeatedly, until each is almost breathless ! Yep, it's pure Aquawomen fun - Enjoy !

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