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Pretty in Scuba ! Pretty in Scuba !Image Gallery

Posted 9th April 2011. 49 High Resolution Images.

Here's a Speedo S2000 swimsuit that perhaps many of you haven't seen before ? And so, we thought - why not ask one of our Aquatic Beauties to wear it whilst scuba diving for y'all ? We added a vintage oval mask, a semi- vintage single hose regulator and a pair of modern fins to complete the outfit. And then, the most special ingredient of all, of course, our Vivacious, Voluptuous, water Vixen - Mermaid Jessica ! Forty Nine - yes FORTY NINE fantastic, new and unique underwater images in our very own true Aquawomen style ! ( why is it that these beautiful Aquawomen of ours just cannot always manage to keep their swimsuits on ?? )

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