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Triathlete Swimmer  in Need of Triathlete Swimmer in Need of "Spare Air" !Image Gallery

Posted 6th April 2011. 33 High Resolution Images.

Well, it's kinda scuba, but probably more like an underwater Triathlete, I guess ? I mean, let's face it, if you swam just under 2.5 miles, then rode your bike for another 112 miles, before running a further 26.2 miles, you would need all the 'Spare Air' you could get, wouldn't you ? Precisely ! And here, to feast your gaze upon tonight, we offer for your pleasure - our simply Breath-taking Mermaid Elise, wearing a super, sexy, neoprene, Aquasphere Triathlon suit plus an Aquasphere 'Seal XP'one piece swimming mask as she 'swims down' under the water with her small 'Spare Air' cylinder to keep her company. It wouldn't be any good for you guys down there though, with just Mermaid Elise to look at I'm pretty sure most of you would be breathless in no time !!

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