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Three Gorgeous Scuba Aquawomen ! Three Gorgeous Scuba Aquawomen !Image Gallery

Posted 29th March 2011. 40 High Resolution Images.

How could we have ? I mean, just take a look at this wonderful set of pictures and ask how could we have possibly forgotten them ? In fact, had it not have been for the kind prompting from a long time, now secretive member these unique, fantastic pictures might have remained in the vast Aquawomen archives for - who knows how long ? What's more, it's a welcome, if not all too brief, return yet one more final time for one of your favorite Aquawomen, namely our sensational Mermaid FiFi ! (We'll have to go careful or she will be seen to retire more times than Cher, or even ????? ;-)) Accompanying her, on the bottom, in this delightful, colorful, underwater pastiche are TWO other gorgeous young Aquawomen, namely Mermaid Nikkie and Mermaid Elise, who once again finds difficulty in keeping her mask on ! Forty fantastic, almost forgotten, fantasy scuba images - please Enjoy !

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