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Red Rubber Frogwoman ! Red Rubber Frogwoman !Image Gallery

Posted 26th March 2011. 34 High Resolution Images.

We have to go right back to early December to the last time we put up a Gallery especially for our heavy rubber Frogwoman fans and so tonight we'll do our best to put that situation right. And,instead of black rubber, who better to dress in our thick, red, rubber, vintage Avon drysuit than one of our specialist divers, namely our liquidiscious Mermaid Jessica ? Not wishing to incur the wrath of our 'anti-bathing cap' fans, we chose to put up the second part of this particular shoot first, ie when she takes of her red, vintage, rubber bathing cap and goggles to pose for y'all maskless and with her long hair flowing. But, don't worry those of you who will enjoy seeing the earlier pictures too, we will be posting those for you later. So now, real Frogwoman fans - please enjoy !

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