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Scott Hydropack - Underwater and Flooded ! Scott Hydropack - Underwater and Flooded !Image Gallery

Posted 16th March 2011. 32 High Resolution Images.

Now here's a piece of vintage diving equipment that you don't see too often these days ? A Scott HydroPack full face mask. The problem we have is that most of our beautiful mermaids have faces that are a little too small for this mask to seal properly. Not a problem for our 'Queen of the flooded mask' she thought and so our 'drop dead gorgeous' and most daring Aquawoman - Mermaid Elise immediately volunteered to dive whilst wearing it, for the pleasure of the many Aquawomen members who have requested it over the years. And, what better to accompany this mask than a vintage, smooth skin, black neoprene wet suit and hood ?
We did tell her the mask would flood ! She said she didn't care !
But no-one told her how to get if off quickly !

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