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As TYRs Go By ! As TYRs Go By !Image Gallery

Posted 10th March 2011. 42 High Resolution Images.

With complete respect to Marianne Faithfull - just couldn't resist it ;-) !
OK, so who wants a Swim Race ? I can't believe it's way back to last July since we last featured a full competition swim suit ! OK, OK I know that some of you may remember me promising shooting another new, super sexy 'Jaked' suit that we have and in all honesty we fully intended to but, believe it or not, FiFi, even as slim as she is, just could not get into it ! And so it still sits and waits for an ultra-slim new Mermaid to christen it for us ! But, what about tonight ? Well hopefully this one might appeal to those who like swimcaps AND those who like loose hair, those who like goggles AND those who don't...... but it surely must appeal to those who like a mean, athletic, beautiful female competitive swimmer, wearing a truly figure hugging TYR full race suit, whilst truly 'at home' in her own element ? Over to you Mermaid Jessica !

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