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Surprise Surprise !  Part One ! Surprise Surprise ! Part One !Image Gallery

Posted 2nd March 2011. 30 High Resolution Images.

You weren't expecting this one, were you ? ;-)
It's fair to say that, unlike many other sites, we never set out to shoot Galleries in various parts. The only occasions when we put them up is when we feel that we have too many images of a certain style that many of our members would prefer to see, even in stages, rather than just leave them sitting forever in the 'nearly' section, in the Aquawomen library ? And this is one such occasion ! I'm not gonna say "she's back" because our wonderful Mermaid Sammie never actually left us, she just moved a long way away and getting together hasn't been easy for a while. But, that's all history now ! Feeling quite 'rusty' (her words not ours) Sammie felt she needed some breath holding practise to help get her back into the 'swing' .... and who better to keep her company, under the water, than our smoldering, so sexy Mermaid Fi ! And then, it turned into a competition ! If you enjoy this, watch out for Part 2 ;-) Oh and did I tell you ? We video'd it too !!!

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