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Down The Drain ! Down The Drain !Image Gallery

Posted 26th February 2011. 38 High Resolution Images.

Now, before anyone accuses us of putting up too much scuba recently, or too many bathing caps, or maybe not enough goggles, too few one piece swimsuits etc etc ;-), we thought we would bring you one of those 'in peril' scenarios that we know so many of you enjoy ? Naughty - naughty ! They always do it don't they ? No matter how much we scream at the screen telling them not to, those silly swimgirls always manage to put their hand down the sump drain of the pool, without bothering to turn the powerful filter pump off. Certainly, our tantalizingly titillating Mermaid Jessica really should have known better ! I mean, the necklace she had dropped wasn't even worth that much money really ?

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